Luxtherapy best regrowth shampoo review


Men and women can now benefit from a shampoo that is tailor-made for them. Luxtherapy best regrowth shampoo combines anti-hair loss and hair regrowth formulas with organic ingredients to ensure beautiful, full hair. With its natural formula, people with thin, damaged or fine hair are able to use this shampoo.

What are the main ingredients?

With its vast array of ingredients and nutrients, Luxtherapy best regrowth shampoo fights against posarias, dermatitis, dandruff, and smells great. Its main ingredients include:

  • Biotin and vitamin complex
  • DHT blocker Beta-Sitosterol
  • Jasmine
  • Argan Oil
  • Saw Palmetto
  • Tea tree oil
  • Aloe vera gel
  • Panthenol
  • Pumpkin seed oil
  • Sage oil
  • Stinging Nettle extract
  • Green Tea
  • Ketaconazole

In addition to these powerful ingredients, this best regrowth shampoo is free of parabens, gluten, harsh chemicals, colors, and preservatives. It is also cruelty-free.

How to use Luxtherapy best regrowth shampoo

To use Luxtherapy, gently massage the shampoo into your already wet hair, paying special attention to your roots and scalp. Massaging your head for 2-5 minutes will help your hair and scalp absorb the incredible ingredients within this shampoo. Rinse your hair thoroughly. Dry your hair gently.

Should you require intensive therapy, wash your hair with luxtherapy every day or second day for about three months.  If you are wanting to prevent ongoing hair loss, incorporate Luxtherapy into your hair routine every 2-3 days.

Many people reported an improvement in their hair’s shine, thickness, and manageability within the first week. Please be aware that it can take weeks to months to see results depending on your hair’s initial condition, diet, and current hair routine.

Customer reviews

The Amazon customer reviews for Luxtherapy have given this shampoo a rating of 3.9 stars out of 5 stars. Here are some of the top reviews on Amazon:

Trace found Luxtherapy has made her hair more manageable as her hair no longer needs blow drying or ironing to lie flat. Her hair feels thicker and silkier with less hair loss after a wash and stronger hair.

Harry says that after using Avalon Biotin Shampoo and switching to Luxtherapy his hair loss has reduced. He did find that he need to wait a few weeks before he saw results.

Keisha found that after eight weeks of consistent use, Luxtherapy has resulted in new hair growth in the damaged areas of her hair. Her hair is soft, fuller and has grown two inches during this time. She suggests that taking dietary aids to help your body absorbs the biotin in the shampoo will make a great difference.

Customer complaints

Unfortunately, not all the customers who tried Luxtherapy have given it raving reviews. For those who have voiced their complaints, they have found that Luxtherapy worked to make their hair drier and more brittle than before use. Others found that the amount of shampoo used per wash meant that one bottle of the shampoo didn’t go very far. Still, a popular complaint was the lack of hair regrowth results.

While some of these people acknowledged that the smell was great, others found it overpowering.  Perhaps the smell of Luxtherapy can be chalked down to personal preference. That being said, the consistency of complaints regarding the ineffectiveness of Luxtherapy may be worth noting.

Our recommendation

We recommend Luxtherapy best regrowth shampoo to help you combat the effects of hair loss and return your hair to its former glory. Given the reviews that have stated no results, we suggest you be patient and wait a couple of months before deciding to try a different shampoo. With its all natural formula, the cost of looking after your hair is worth a try. Some people will see results while others may not. You don’t know unless you try.

We also recommend that you find a good conditioner to go with Luxtherapy shampoo since your hair may need the extra moisture. This applies specifically to those who color their hair.

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