Ultrax Labs Hair Surge best regrowth shampoo review


Finding the best regrowth shampoo to combat hair thinning and hair loss can be a challenging process. Time and again, people find themselves saying goodbye to their hard-earned money in the hopes of finding that one shampoo that will give back their full body of hair.

This is why we have spent hours researching various hair regrowth shampoos. We want to bring you an honest yet informative review on Ultrax Labs Hair Surge to help you find that shampoo which will work wonders for your hair.

Main ingredients

Ultrax Labs Hair Surge
Ultrax Labs Hair Surge

Ultrax Labs Hair Surge is one of the few best regrowth shampoos that includes some of the best ingredients for stimulating hair growth and combating hair loss. Its main ingredients include: Caffeine for extending the life cycle of hair; Ketoconazole which is an antifungal and anti-inflammatory ingredient used in dandruff shampoos and assists in preventing thinning hair; and Saw Palmetto to fight DHT.

Directions for use

Apply the shampoo to wet hair. Massage the shampoo into your scalp to create a lather. The shampoo should sit on your head for up to 5 minutes in order to help your hair and scalp soak in the powerful ingredients. Rinse your hair thoroughly. If needed, shampoo five times each week for maximum results.

Customer reviews

Overall, the reviews of Ultrax Labs Hair Surge have been praiseworthy. Many customers have found Ultrax Labs to be one of the best regrowth shampoos currently available. The reviews praise the shampoo for having a refreshing scent and an energizing tingling sensation when used. Other reviewers found that the shampoo added bounce, shine and volume to their hair. Increased hair growth and improved repairing of damaged hair

Consumer complaints

On Hairlosstalk.com we came across some disgruntled users of Ultrax Labs Hair Surge. One of the members had begun using Ultrax for several days hoping to see a continued improvement in the quality of their hair. The results however, had been devastating with increased hair loss. Other members of Hairlosstalk.com hold the view that Ultrax Labs is merely a scam company.

Erin left a review on Amazon stating that Ultrax Labs Hair Surge had left her hair brittle, dry and full of static.  Some reviews found that the shampoo leaves their hair stiff, hard to comb and takes a long time to wash out. Other Amazon reviewers hold the opinion that Ultrax Labs is a scam company with products that are paid for positive reviews.

Our recommendation

Considering a number of reviews in our research stating that Ultrax Labs has a high potential for being a scam company, we suggest caution when looking into purchasing this shampoo. At $47.45, Ultrax Labs Hair Surge is an expensive shampoo promising huge results. Although this shampoo comes with many positive reviews, it may be worthwhile to try less expensive products such as Argan Oil or other hair growth stimulants suitable for combating hair loss.

That being said, Ultrax Labs Hair Surge may be the answer you are looking for in your fight against hair loss, in which case we urge you to make an informed decision.

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